Adoption Center

Every time you adopt from us you save two lives – because every pet adopted makes room for another!

Are you looking for a new addition to your family? Would a beautiful tabby cat fit in at your house? What about an adorable, high-energy puppy? Could a calm, house-trained, mature dog be just what you’re looking for?

The Adoption Center at One of A Kind Pet Rescue routinely houses over 200 animals awaiting a home and a second chance at a full life. Our dogs & cats are truly “one of a kind” because they all have a story prior to being rescued. Some of their stories are dramatic and others are unfortunate. Their varied pasts are proof-positive we truly have “one of a kind” animals!

Come out and meet the pets currently available at the Adoption Center. Potential adopters are thoroughly screened. A successful union is extremely important and making the right match is our goal! Our knowledgeable Adoption Counselors will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will offer suggestions on how to make the transition with your new family member a success.

Located at 1929 West Market Street in Akron, Ohio 44313 (behind Walgreen’s and AutoZone)

  • Pet products and novelties are sold to defray ongoing expenses associated with the rescue mission.
  • Adoption fees supplement the costs involved in the rescue and care of animals.
  • Full service grooming services are available. Proceeds help to fund the costly rescue process.
  • All animals are microchipped to assist in their safe return should they become lost; however, a collar and identification tag is advised and is the quickest way to recover your beloved pet. Bring your pet in to our Clinic to be microchipped.  It only takes a minute. You will be secure in knowing you have taken all the necessary steps to assist in the safe return of your pet.
  • All dogs must have a license in the state of Ohio.  You may buy or renew your Summit County dog license here.
  • Has the mailman, family and friends started avoiding your house? Is your collection of matched pairs of shoes dwindling? Has your dog been banned from the dog park? If so, consider Doggie Daycare offered Tuesday through Friday. Call to inquire about the application process.

Each day we receive numerous calls from people that are unable to care for their pet(s) for a variety of reasons. We wish we could help every person calling us; however, it is not always possible. To assist owners in finding refuge for pets they can no longer care for, a list of other rescue groups and shelters is provided to anyone requesting help.

If you find a stray animal, you are welcome to bring them to our Adoption Center to be scanned for a microchip. If a chip is found, we will work with you to contact the owners on record. If no chip is found, we suggest posting flyers in the area that the animal was found. Also post on Facebook and other social media, including the Summit County Lost & Found Pets page on Facebook, and the lost and found pets area on Craigslist. Post where the animal was found and a photo if possible. Try to keep some details private to use as questions when someone tries to claim the animal.

Remember that pets wearing identification tags have a 95% greater chance of being returned to their owner. A tag with outdated information is not effective. Tags are available at the Adoption Center and will offer pet owners a peace of mind. As a second line of defense, consider microchipping your pet when possible. Collars and tags can become lost from your pet but a microchip is permanent!