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As adults, we know deep down that owning a pet can be a lot of work, but the unconditional love a pet shares makes them well worth the effort. If you are a parent trying to decide if now is the time to bring a new pet into the home, consider these reasons for adding a new furry family member:

  1. Children who grow up in homes with pets have less risk of developing common allergies and asthma.
  2. Kids with pets get outside more—to go for walks, run and play—and enjoy all the associated health benefits.
  3. Emerging readers often feel more comfortable reading aloud to a pet.
  4. Nurturing a pet is an acceptable way for boys to “parent play”—to practice being caregivers.
  5. Feeding and caring for a pet encourages childhood responsibility.
  6. Children with pets display improved impulse control, social skills and self-esteem.
  7. Sharing the love and care of a family pet forges an additional common bond among siblings.
  8. Cuddling a pet reduces stress, loneliness and anxiety.

Still a little hesitant? Stop in to our Adoption Center to meet some of our pets. Take your time, visit often, and when the time is right, you’ll know.

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