Special Thanks

To all of you …
We Thank Our Donors And Ask For Continued Support

Each year, millions of cats and dogs, through no fault of their own, wind up in shelters across the country. Their background stories vary as widely as the animals themselves. Some are abandoned by their owners, while far too many more are removed by authorities from cruel or abusive situations. Others fall victim to a family death or a move, and some simply wander away from home and become lost. Regardless of how they get there, your support enables us to offer orphaned pets a second chance at life.

During these complicated economic times it is very difficult to ask for monetary help for homeless animals; however, recognizing their contribution in our lives means understanding their worth. Often times, pets are the only companion an elderly person may have in their life or the best friend and confidant for a young child. To underestimate their importance is to devalue them. We thank you for understanding their worth and we’d ask you to continue to include them in your charitable gifting.

Your continued monetary gifts are greatly appreciated and will supply the funds necessary for rescuing animals in imminent danger of euthanasia and reducing the population of homeless pets through our aggressive spay and neuter program. With continued community support, this two-prong approach will make a significant impact in animal welfare for all rescue groups and animal control in Summit County.

We recognize that you have put your trust in us to effectively work this mission. Our staff remains focused on the goals in an effort to accomplish what you expect from us. On behalf of the board and the staff, and from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you and appreciate your support.

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