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March 23 is National Puppy Day, a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. But more importantly, it’s a day to help save orphaned puppies across the country and to educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills. National Puppy Day encourages you to always consider adoption first, and don’t forget the importance of spaying and neutering your pet to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats.

Here are some great ways to celebrate National Puppy Day!

  1. Adopt a puppy!
  2. Donate money, food or toys to your local rescue.
  3. Write your Congressman and ask that he/she support the ban of puppy mills in your state.
  4. Host an event to raise money for your local rescue.
  5. Buy your puppy a fun, new puppy toy.
  6. Brush your puppy to eliminate excess fur.
  7. Get your puppy some training lessons.
  8. Buy your puppy a cute new collar and leash.
  9. Have a tee shirt made with your puppy’s photo on it.
  10. Throw out all your chemical cleaners and purchase non-toxic cleaners for your home to keep your puppy cancer-free!
  11. Puppy-proof your home and yard.
  12. Install a car safety harness to keep your puppy safe during travel.
  13. Use a grain-free brand of puppy food to keep your puppy healthy.
  14. Buy your puppy a comfy new bed.
  15. Take your puppy on a pet friendly trip.
  16. Buy a puppy gate to keep your puppy out of hazardous areas of the home.
  17. Microchip & I.D. Tag your puppy so the shelter can locate you if he gets lost.
  18. Make sure your puppy has all required vaccines.
  19. Pledge to walk your puppy every day for proper health and behavior management.
  20. Teach your puppy some fun tricks.

And finally – pledge to be patient and kind and give your puppy lots of love and praise every day! Learn more about National Puppy Day at

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