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Cats can be hard creatures to read sometimes, never fully disclosing when they are happy, sad, or feeling sick. Their methods of showing affection may be subtle, but they are there if you are looking for them!

  1. Head bunting – When your cat lowers their head so that their forehead touches your forehead, face or other body part, you have received one of the more significant signs of affection. This touch is believed to release endorphins (the feel-good hormones) in your cat.
  2. Cheek rubbing – When your cat rubs their cheeks against you or the furniture, they are placing oils from their facial glands on your skin as a way of claiming you.
  3. Tail twitching – Twitching just the end of the tail shows affection, just as the tail puffing out shows fear or agitation.
  4. The soft blink – Holding eye contact and giving a slow blink is the equivalent of a kitty kiss!
  5. Purring – This is a sure sign of bliss!
  6. Sitting on or near you – Cats crave warm spots to sleep or rest, but when they bypass a comfy bed or pillow to perch on you, you should feel honored.
  7. Kneading – Kneading, or “making biscuits” is one sure way of finding out that your cat needs their nails trimmed! But experts say it also reminds the cats of when they were kittens nuzzling their momma for milk.
  8. Licking your hair or ears – Grooming you, like they would groom another cat, means you have been accepted into their inner circle. With cats, grooming another is a sign of trust and friendship.
  9. Bringing you “gifts” – So a dead mouse may not be high on your latest gift list but being the recipient of a prized catch means you are very well respected.
  10. High pitched trill or chirp – This sound conveys love and affection. Try trilling back and have yourself a little cat chat!
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