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June is Social “Petworking” month, which is a chance for you to use your social networks for more than funny cat videos or passing on your favorite memes. During June, visit our Facebook page or website ( to search for pets that are up for adoption. Click on a specific pet and share their information on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Anyone who is part of your network will see these posts, and if they “like” or share these posts, more and more people will see them and learn about our available pets who need loving homes.

You can also use your social networks to advocate for rescue animals.  Consider posting about the benefits of adopting a pet instead of going to a breeder, or why puppy mills are a problem.  Own a bully breed? Share why they make good pets and help clear up misperceptions. If your post is shared by the people in your network, the impact of that information can be very widespread. So, use your social networking accounts to support a worthy cause this June. And, don’t forget – you aren’t limited to June to spread the word – you can always post about adoptable pets anytime throughout the year!

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