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As we enter the time of year commonly known as “kitten season”, we are taking dozens of calls each day from concerned individuals who have found kittens on their property. Here are some good tips to know and share with others:

  • If you find kittens, DO NOT TOUCH THEM. You do not want their mother to move them to a more secure location that will be difficult for you to find. Do not assume that their mother has abandoned them, as she is likely out eating or looking for a place to move them. Keep an eye on the kittens from a distance, and watch for their mother. Even if it is one kitten, keep in mind she may have already moved the siblings.
  • Do the kittens have their eyes open? If not, they are likely to be less than 2 weeks old. This is a critical period and they need to remain with their mother. If they are separated from mom at this point, they will need bottle fed every 2 hours around the clock. This is very difficult on the kittens and many do not survive.
  • Are they walking well or are they still wobbly? If they are steadier on their feet, they are likely approaching 4 weeks old. This is the age that they can begin to eat more solid food, and can be potentially separated from their mother.

Keep in mind that if a litter of kittens is in danger of harm (from humans or other wildlife) you must intervene to save them. Otherwise, allow them to remain with mom until they are at least a month old.

One of A Kind takes in as many orphaned kittens as we can handle. We can’t take in every orphaned or abandoned kitten but you can help. Every person that fosters a litter of kittens saves a litter that would most likely perish. We can help you by training you to be a valuable kitten foster either for the kittens already in your care or those waiting at One of A Kind for love and a temporary home!  It’s simple really – fosters save lives.  Please call us at 330.865.6200 to help!

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