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Choosing the Right Dog

Dogs truly are man’s best friends. However, friends must be compatible and enjoy one another’s company. Friends learn from one another and grow together in their friendship. This is true for our dog friends as well. The key is, choosing a dog that is the right fit for you and your family. In order to achieve this, try not to choose a dog or puppy based on appearance. Would you want your friends to choose you this way?

Prior to looking for a suitable canine for your home, do your research. First, decide if a puppy or adult dog best suits your situation. Puppies require a tremendous amount of time dedicated to potty training, maintaining a schedule, and obedience. Because they are teething, puppies will chew on everything and get into lots of mischief! Does your family have the time to watch a puppy and prevent accidents from occurring? They also require a lot of exercise and play time. If your family does not have the time to devote to these puppy requirements, considering an older dog is possibly a better alternative.

When choosing an older dog, ask yourself these very important questions. What size would be ideal? What energy level would be best? A two-year-old dog is going to have much more energy than a six-year-old dog. What can I afford? A large dog will eat much more than a small dog. In addition, some cities, townships and homeowner’s associations still have breed restrictions in place. Make sure there are no restrictions placed on your neighborhood regarding dog ownership. Are there allergies in the home? If so, carefully choose a dog that does not produce a high level of allergens, and test this prior to bringing a dog home.

Whether your family chooses to adopt a puppy or a dog, breed is extremely important. Dogs can be trained to do just about anything, but the instincts born into a dog can never be removed. Learn what innate characteristics breeds possess prior to bringing one home. For example, Hounds are bred to track scents and hunt. Some herding breeds have a strong drive to herd. If there are not sheep or chickens present, they will try to herd the children. They may continually run off in search of livestock to herd, or they may become frustrated and destructive in the home if there is nothing to herd. Australian Cattle dogs are specifically bred to herd large cattle. They do this by nipping at the heels of the cattle to drive them in a certain direction. Without proper exercise and stimulation, they may nip and bite the heels of humans within the home. Siberian Huskies were bred to pull sleds across rough, frozen terrain for miles. Because of this, Huskies are runners and will run for miles. If you don’t want to continually lose your Husky, a fenced yard is necessary in addition to lots of exercise. These are just a few examples of the instinctual behaviors of certain breeds. If you are considering a certain breed, or a dog with a dominant breed, conduct proper research to ensure it is suitable for your environment and lifestyle.

One of A Kind Pet Rescue has rescued dogs of almost every breed and mix. We don’t rescue based on breed, size, or appearance—but we do rescue the dogs that need our help the most. Our adoption counselors are available and trained to assist with what type of dog would best suit your lifestyle.

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