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National Dog Week

The last week of September is the 90th National Dog Week. The week was founded with the intention of highlighting the importance of companionship with dogs during a time when most were kept on a chain in the backyard. We have come a long way in 90 years, but we still have so much further to go until we are a no-kill society and pet homelessness is a thing of the past.  

If you’re already a dog owner, you can recognize this week by giving your dog a little bit extra. Treat your dog to an extra-long walk or playtime in the grass. These activities certainly go a long way with our dogs at the rescue. Some dogs appreciate toys and treats, while others simply thrive on affection. If you’re looking for a nice treat to give your dog, bring him or her into One of A Kind for a visit and pick out something special. Doing this will not only benefit your dog, but the proceeds from your purchase will benefit our dogs as well. 

We can’t underestimate the joy and relaxation that comes from gentle grooming. Most dogs thoroughly enjoy the feel of the brush running down the back and over their coat. Want your dog to melt in your lap? Give them a gentle brushing for a few minutes. Notice that they may need a nail trim? If this is something you’re not comfortable doing yourself, bring your pup in for a pedicure. We provide nail trims at the rescue for a nominal fee of $12 (please call ahead and let us know you are coming). 

If you are a dog lover, but not currently in the position to own your own dog, please consider volunteering at your local shelter or rescue. This experience is so rewarding for both the dogs and the volunteers. One of A Kind allows our registered volunteers to make their own schedule and choose their own activities. At any given time, we have over 120 dogs in need of exercise, affection and enrichment. If this is something that is of interest to you, please email our volunteer coordinator at

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