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Separation Anxiety

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air. Do your dogs love you so much that they can’t stand to be without you? Dogs are companion animals and love their owners unconditionally by nature, but does your dog’s mental health rely on your company? If you feel it might, your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety.

Animals in the wild are equipped with instinctual behaviors that allow the offspring to gradually develop the ability to become independent and go off to start their own lives and families. We may have domesticated dogs and cats, but some of these innate behaviors still exist. At eight weeks of age, puppies are removed from their mothers and littermates to be adopted into new homes. Whether the puppy is acquired from a rescue, shelter or breeder, this is almost always the timeline. Not only are they weaning off their mother’s milk, but they are also no longer sleeping in a pile of warm, furry brothers and sisters. The puppy will develop strong bonds with the new family, and with a regular schedule, they’ll come to accept the new way of life. Dogs rely on schedules and routines to adjust properly.

Separation anxiety is one of the most common conditions we deal with in the rescue. What we use to treat and combat the condition at One of A Kind Pet Rescue, can also be used in the home after adoption. The first step is to develop a schedule. Feeding, walking, play time, sleeping and potty breaks should be done routinely. It’s never a good idea to leave dogs alone for extended periods of time, regardless of the age. Keep all blocks of alone time under four hours. For the safety of a new pet, confining and crating should be done while they are alone. This will not only prevent them from destroying your belongings out of fear and boredom, but will also prevent intestinal blockages, poisonings or other dangerous instances from occurring. With time, reassurance and proper bonding should help subdue separation anxiety. To ease the transition, your vet may choose to prescribe anxiety medicine during the process, or consult with your veterinarian before using any holistic home remedies.

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