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As much as we would love to spend our days binge watching our favorite television programs, we all know that to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to get off the couch and move! During the cold weather months that can certainly test our willpower, but if it meant helping to keep your pet healthy wouldn’t that make a difference?

Dogs need daily walks for both exercise and mental stimulation. Lack of exercise can be directly connected to depression and bad pet behaviors such as destructive chewing. This in turn can be linked to anxiety and occasionally aggression. A daily walk of 15 minutes or more can increase the number of endorphins in the brain (for both owner and dog!) which makes for a happier, more relaxed pet and owner. Exercise can also help to prevent obesity and will work to prevent or improve medical issues like pancreatitis, diabetes, and heart disease. Our dogs depend on us for their quality of life – take your dog for a walk today!