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The Kindest Words

In this issue, we decided to share a message that is one of the nicest pieces of feedback we have ever received.

For those that may not know, in July of 2021 we found ourselves in desperate need of a veterinarian to treat and prescribe medications to our rescues. Though Dr. Melanie Butera already had a full-time schedule, she came forward and chose to spend the little free time she had, visiting our rescue and treating our furry friends. We were delighted to have her forty years of experience, knowledge and perspective. Dr. Butera went above and beyond seeing our cats and dogs, and also raised funds to purchase a new microscope for our tech office. She also assisted us in organizing our records and providing a faster platform for communication. If that wasn’t enough, she also suggested new and improved sanitation and isolation protocols, and even assisted with an adoption! We are forever grateful for her time spent with One of A Kind Pet Rescue. Please take a moment to read what Dr. Butera had to say about her experience with One of A Kind Pet Rescue.

“I haven’t posted much lately because since July I had taken on a task that literally took every second of what little spare time I had, helping One of A Kind Pet Rescue through a crisis—losing their medical staff to Big Corporate Vet Clinics. This ended this week when their new doctor started. It was a privilege and honor to help them. I want to share with my local vet colleagues what an incredible place and people they are. I sadly admit I had many misconceptions about them, as many of you do. But this group is unlike any I know. When they say, no kill—they mean it. Even pets that are unadoptable due to complex and expensive medical conditions receive lifelong comfort in foster homes and complete coverage of their medical issues. The lengths they go to save these pets is extraordinary—pets pulled off the street, literally out of gutters, from death row in pounds, or left to die by the people they loved. The high level of medicine and behavior training they do for these critters is incredible. Decisions made are never about money – only about the comfort and welfare of the pets. As they restructure their plan with a new doctor, I urge all my colleagues to embrace their work and help them build back better! (where have I heard that expression before?). Their greatest flaw is trying to help too many, do too much. Thanks to everyone up there [at One of A Kind Pet Rescue] working for the love of animals. You are my heroes.”

Dr. Melanie Butera, DVM

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