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A Happy Tale: Stevie

Each adoption of a cat or dog from our adoption center marks the beginning of a success story as they find their forever home. Introducing the first of what we hope will be many heartwarming features: A Happy Tale!

For the majority of the first two years of Stevie’s life, she was confined to a crate or kennel. When she was a puppy, Stevie was hit and dragged behind a car which left her injured, requiring strict cage rest for recovery. Consequently, Stevie missed out on developing social skills, and the veterinary staff had to walk her using two people, two leashes, and a muzzle. Due to her challenges, the hospital deemed her unadoptable and contemplated euthanasia.

In December 2021, Stevie found her way to One of A Kind. Although she was adopted twice, she was returned both times, the last instance due to compatibility issues with another dog’s play style. As Stevie matured and spent more time in the rescue’s dog playgroup, she adapted her play style, displaying both exuberance and gentleness, depending on the energy of the other dogs.

Stevie was selective about who could handle her, showing preference to specific staffers or volunteers. Despite spending 380 days at the rescue, few potential adopters showed interest. Then, Carol Kohar and her daughter, Heather, came across Stevie’s profile on the rescue’s website.

Carol’s previous One of a Kind rescue, Willie, had unexpectedly passed away about a year earlier. Stevie’s photograph and backstory deeply moved both her and her daughter. 

“I tried to put myself in Stevie’s place and how would I feel like being in a cage for that long and watch all the other dogs get adopted?” said Carol. “It broke my heart.”

Stevie went home with Carol in March 2023. Carol kept Stevie’s name, but gave her a middle name, so she’s now Stevie Lee.

“She’s a rock star,” said Heather. “We take this dog places and people know her. This dog has more of a social life than we do.”

Stevie is a strong girl, but “she is as happy as can be and she will knock you out with that tail from wagging it,” said Heather.

It took some time for Stevie to realize “she was in a safe environment and that everything was calm and she was going to get fed and had somewhere to run around,” said Heather.

Carol is thrilled with Stevie.

“I have a companion. Something to love and take care of and be with. There’s someone to come home to. She’s always waiting by the door for me – unless she’s in bed.”

Added Heather: “Mom will tell her it’s time for a nap and she’s off to bed before mom is there.”

“We reward her with a lot of love and attention and affection and then we give her treats on the side,” said Heather.

“She has it all here,” said Carol. “I’m not bragging, but she’s got a friend next door, she’s got a good yard and toys that she hasn’t chew up yet.”

Stevie even sleeps and snuggles with Carol – and may be a bit of a snoring bed hog.


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