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Barn Cat Placement Program

One Of A Kind Pet Rescue is one of the few rescues in Ohio with a barn cat placement program. Typically, if an unsocial or semi social (sometimes referred to as feral) cat is brought into a high-intake shelter, they are not offered for adoption. They are put on a euthanize list. One Of A Kind Pet Rescue tries to rescue as many of these cats as we can from being euthanized.

In some cases, the cats can be socialized into friendly and adoptable pets. And they are placed into the cat rooms for people to visit them and hopefully give them a nice indoor life. But for some cats, they have acclimated to outdoor life so much that living indoors would not be a happy life for them. They don’t have much interest in human interaction. They, in some cases, are wild animals themselves. But they are not so wild that they can self-sustain. They need humans, whether they want to interact with us or not, to provide food and shelter from the elements.

This is where the barn cat placement program comes in. Barn owners are the perfect caretakers for these cats. They seem to have an understanding and appreciation for a cat that doesn’t care to have people touching them constantly. They like that the cats aren’t under-foot. And the cats return the favor of all this care by keeping the rodent population down on the farm. It’s a perfect melody of owner and cats.

Our barn cats are sent out in sets of two. We bond them together so that they will always have a friend to make them feel safe. Many of these cats have lived a life of being chased away by humans or even other animals. So, it’s good for them to have the comfort and safety of another furry friend.

We do place some requirements on barn owners in order for them to qualify to adopt our barn cats.

• Barn owners must provide cat food and clean water daily.
• Our cats are trained to use a litter box so we would like them to have a clean litter box available to them every day. They may eventually stop using the litter box and just go outside. But we want them to have the option until then.
• Barn cats must have access to heat in the winter as well as shelter from the elements. This can be a space heater, hay, heated pads, baseboard heat, etc. We do not want them locked outside so access to shelter is a must. If water will freeze in their area, it’s too cold for our cats.
• We do not require that they are trapped every year for an annual visit, but barn owners must agree to establish a relationship with a vet that will provide medicine should the cats get sick. (Respiratory infection, worms, etc.) Typically, you can get medicines in a liquid form that can be slipped into some wet food for them.
• Barn owners must be approved by an application process. This can be done through e-mail. Once an application in submitted, it will go to the cat manager for approval.

So, if you are a barn owner, or know a barn owner that has been looking for some barn cats, e-mail us or message us on Facebook! We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.


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