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It’s Back to School Time!

If you have children returning to school and find yourself busy buying school clothes, shoes, and supplies, take a moment to remember your beloved pet. While you’re occupied with filling out forms and signing up for various activities like PTA, chess club, flag football, dance class, and wrestling, don’t neglect your feline companion. Even if you’re the home room mom, juggling party planning, cookie baking, emailing contact information, and organizing carpools, make sure to include your furry friends in your considerations.

Amidst all the hustle and bustle and the shifting schedules, spare a thought for your pets who have enjoyed the warm summer months with the family. Dogs may become upset and exhibit undesirable or melancholic behaviors, while cats can experience anxiety due to changes in the household. However, there are some tips to help everyone transition smoothly.

According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), it is recommended to start by leaving your pet alone for short periods of time to help them become comfortable with the idea of your absence. As the weeks leading up to the new schedule progress, gradually increase the length of these absences. Pets, particularly dogs, often take emotional cues from their owners, so it’s important to remain calm and avoid making a fuss when leaving or saying goodbye. If you’re concerned about destructive behavior or accidents in the house, you may want to consider crate training. However, this process should also be introduced gradually, allowing your pet ample time to adjust.

Providing new toys and treats can keep your pet entertained while you’re away. Additionally, a new window perch or cat tower can provide hours of enjoyment for a cat. When the family is together, make sure to show your pet plenty of love to prevent feelings of neglect. Lastly, ensuring that your pet receives plenty of exercise can help alleviate anxiety and energy-related issues.

By taking your pet’s emotional well-being into consideration while getting ready for the school year, you can ensure a smooth transition for the entire family, including your beloved four-legged members.

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