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Keep Your Pets Safe as Temps Begin to Drop

Colder temperatures can affect our pets too. Even with their furry coats, they can feel the impact of colder weather.


  1. Increased Joint Stiffness
    The drop in barometric pressure when it is colder and/or damp can cause an inflammatory response in the joints.


    To help with joint stiffness, it is important to keep your pet active – short walks, catch or other favorite games.


  2. Icing
    With snow and ice on the ground, we often use salt to melt it away. While this helps us from falling, it can be harsh on your dog’s paws and if ingested is toxic.To keep your pet safe from salt, consider rubber dog booties while outdoors. It is also advised that you rinse off your dog’s paws and underbelly. Just be sure to dry thoroughly so they don’t get chilled.


  3. Difficulty Regulating Body Temperature in Sick or Elderly Dogs
    Older dogs and dogs with health issues can be affected by a drop in their body temperature. It can affect how the heart works, cause blood pressure changes, gastrointestinal issues, and compromise the immune system.When you take your dog outside, do so for shorter periods of time, if they have thin coats you might consider clothing. A good rule of thumb is if you are uncomfortable with a single layer of clothing, your dog is most likely uncomfortable too.


  4. Increased Risk of Disorientation
    Dogs rely on their strong sense of smell and when the ground is covered with snow and ice, these smells are covered up and this can cause disorientation.Be sure to keep your dog leashed and/or in an enclosed area when the ground is blanketed with ice and snow.


  5. Susceptibility to Frostbite
    When temperatures are 32 degrees or below there is increased risk for your dog to get frostbite. The areas to specifically watch are their ears, tail and paws, but it can happen to other parts of their bodies too.The risk of frostbite is greatly increased if your dog is exposed to extreme cold for extended periods of time, or if the area they’re exposed to is wet. To prevent frostbite don’t expose your dog to these conditions.


  6. Risk of Being Left in Cold Cars
    The risk of being left in a hot car is often a topic that you hear about – but a cold car can be just as dangerous. In lower temperatures, cars act like a refrigerator, holding in the cold, and this can cause hypothermia and even death.


Keep your dog safe and leave them at home when temps are cold.

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