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What Pet Should I Get – How to Find the Perfect Rescue for You

It may seem overwhelming when entering a shelter to see countless animals in need of homes. Making a decision can be challenging, and if you’re like us, you’d probably like to take them all home! Whether you are a first-time pet parent or thoroughly experienced, it is always important to take your time and consider all aspects of your lifestyle before making a life-long commitment to your new best friend.
If you are on the fence between choosing a cat or a dog, the following are some things to consider:

How long will I be out of the house on an average day?

  • If you work from home or spend most of your time at home, your lifestyle may be suitable for a dog or a cat.
  • If you are out of the home for consistently long periods of time, a cat may be the best option for you. In cases like these, it is recommended that you have at least one other animal in the home, so your kitty doesn’t get lonely.

How frequently can I stop at home throughout the day?

  • If you have time to stop in on your lunch breaks or are only going to leave the house for a few hours at a time, you will have ample opportunity for potty breaks (this is especially crucial for puppies in their early training days).

Do I have the resources to take an animal out for walks or the space to let them run around to let off energy?

  • Look at your lifestyle – are you an avid hiker, or are you a bit of a couch potato? Having a less active lifestyle doesn’t automatically rule out dogs – it will just be important to search for a dog who will match your energy level (and will appreciate having you as their new cuddle buddy).
  • Cats and dogs both require exercise and enrichment, but cats can obtain this all indoors with toys and puzzles, and they tend to nap more often than dogs. Dogs will need time outside and may have a lot more energy to burn than a kitty does.
Once you have made the decision on which to adopt, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What other animals do I have in my house, and would they react well to a new addition?

  • It is important to remember that with both cats and dogs (but cats especially), it is normal for there to be some tension in the beginning. If you know you have a pet who is less than welcoming to visitors, you may want to consider getting a young animal, as they tend to take correction better and will give your current pet the opportunity to establish their boundaries.

Are there young children in the house, and have they been around animals before?

  • It is important that children are taught at an early age to respect an animals space, and to learn to read their body language when old enough. If you have children in the home, you’ll want to make sure you have them meet the animal in question before adopting.
Be sure to speak with any staff members or volunteers who have worked with the pet you are interested in. Because shelter animals often have unknown histories, these members of the organization will be your best resource when it comes to questions about their behavior and how they get along with other animals and people.

Most importantly, take your time! A pet adoption should always be carefully considered and never done on impulse. The above questions are good guidelines to follow, but remember that every animal is a unique individual, so some things may apply to one pet and not to another.

Our adoption counselors spend countless hours getting to know the animals, processing adoption applications, and most importantly, sending animals home with their perfect forever family. If you would like to help us by contributing to our adoption counselors’ wages, please consider donating so we can continue to pair the perfect animals with the perfect people!

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