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Flea and Tick Season is Here!

Warm weather is finally here and along with it comes a few unwelcome guests. Flea and tick season is upon us! Fleas and ticks can cause discomfort for your dog and cat and may even cause allergic reactions. Fleas and ticks can also carry several nasty diseases that can affect both animals and humans. If you are caught unawares, fleas can gain a foothold indoors and can become quite an expensive problem to solve.

Flea allergy dermatitis in your pets can become quite severe in a short time. In cats, the affected area commonly occurs on the head, neck, and back (also known as the “racing stripe” pattern on the skin). In dogs, it causes an itch along their back or base of their tail which may result in the loss of hair in those areas along with the possibility of developing skin infections, which can make matters worse.

Flea borne disease and parasites can be transmitted to humans and can be quite nasty. Tapeworm, cat scratch fever, flea-borne typhus, just to name a few, are some of the things that flea protection can guard against. The CDC lists 16 tick borne diseases, but they vary depending on your geographic location. In Ohio, Lyme Disease is the most common and can cause lasting effects for you and for your dog. And don’t be fooled, fleas and ticks can be a year-round issue. They can be active outdoors from the moment the temperature rises to 40 °F.

Fleas can also thrive indoors where they remain protected from the cold temperatures. A single flea can lay 50 eggs at one time! Even your indoor cat needs year-round protection since that single flea could have been brought in on any mouse seeking warmth!

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