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The recent warmer weather has been a wonderful break from winter and has given everyone a chance to get outside. But we aren’t the only ones that like warm weather – we have already had reports about ticks. Dog lovers know – you will do anything to protect your best friend. At One of A Kind Pet Rescue that means using Vectra 3D®, a powerful and broad spectrum parasite control to rid your pet of fleas and ticks. For a healthy and happy dog, it’s not enough to just kill the parasites, it’s important to repel them so they never get a chance to bite and transmit diseases. There are a lot of parasite control products out there – but fast-acting, long-lasting Vectra 3D® repels six types of dangerous parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, sand flies, and mites). Frontline repels none.

Vectra 3D® repels by creating a ‘hot foot’ reaction. Fleas, ticks and other parasites come into contact with your dog’s coat or skin and become exposed to Vectra 3D®. They retreat back up hair shafts without biting, and soon die. Mosquitoes sense the active ingredients of Vectra 3D®, and 80% of the time, avoid dogs without landing.

Don’t let parasites come between you and the dog you love! Stop in to either our Adoption Center or Clinic location to purchase Vectra 3D®. Need more incentive? Buy 3 doses, get one free, or buy 6 doses, get 3 free!