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The Call to Save Lives
It all started with a woman—Rhonda Davis. Rhonda was a local resident of Akron, Ohio and an attorney who lived less than a mile from One of A Kind Pet Rescue. After moving to Marked Tree, Arkansas, she found herself actively saving animals who were being used in dogfighting rings—a very popular activity in this region of the country. Kittens and cats are used as bait and are often starved, poisoned and tortured. Dogs and puppies are being brutalized as well because their lives are not valued.  These are unthinkable acts, but a reality for these poor helpless souls. Even though our rescue operations were so far away, Rhonda hoped that it might be possible for One of A Kind Pet Rescue to step in and provide some relief for the pets.
Extending Our Mission
Since the beginning days of One of A Kind Pet Rescue, the mission of the organization has not strayed. Saving animal lives and rescuing pets in imminent danger of euthanasia, spaying/neutering and adoption of homeless animals into appropriate, loving homes has been at the core of One of A Kind. When Rhonda reached out and presented the hopelessness that these pets were experiencing, we couldn’t resist the call to extend our mission beyond our Ohio borders.
Making it PAWsible
On our first trip, our rescue operations were able to save 63 kittens and cats, from Marked Tree, Arkansas. Our mission required us to travel almost 750 miles, spending more than 11 hours on the road. The fact that these pets are used in dogfighting rings as bait and tortured is unbearable and we were committed to going the distance and rescuing them. Once we brought them back to the safety of their new home in Akron, Ohio and saw those sweet faces settled in their cozy rooms at One of A Kind Pet Rescue, we knew we did the right thing by accepting this mission.
Ongoing Mission
The stories of how these pets are being tortured for entertainment in dogfighting rings were brought to One of A Kind Pet Rescue and we couldn’t turn away. The dismembering of kittens for “training” purposes and the mutilation of sweet, innocent animals can’t be tolerated. Not only will we be saving just as many cats and kittens on our second trip this week, but we will take a second van to include puppies and dogs, as their treatment is no better. Our mission is to continue saving the lives of these pets beyond our borders and we hope you will support us. Please consider donating to this campaign via GoFundMe. All donations are used to offset the long-distance rescue operations and medical expenses that help us care for the pets that come through our doors.

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