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The authorities of Delbarton, WV have arrested someone for hoarding over 300 cats in a home that is now condemned. Unfortunately, 200 of those cats were deceased. The 100 living cats were removed and taken to various animal control facilities.

One of A Kind Pet Rescue has taken 19 of the cats, who were in critical need of medical treatment.  These nineteen cats have been living in filthy, unthinkable conditions. They are suffering from malnourishment and upper respiratory infections, severe enough to cause bleeding from their eyes and nose. Some have eye infections and ruptures, which will require surgery and removal. Since infections are prevalent with most of the kitties, a majority will require antibiotics and IV fluids, while others may need amputations. In addition, many of the females we’ve saved are pregnant and some are experiencing seizures. The team at One of A Kind Pet Rescue will make them whole again.

Keep in mind that these are not feral cats. They are loving kitties who are desperate for attention, healthy food, warm beds and loving arms. They need kind voices, sunbeams and restful sleep. They deserve treats, toys, beds and unconditional love.

It is our hope that they will be available for adoption within the next month. In the meantime, the medical supplies and costs necessary to get them healthy again and ready for adoption are extraordinary. One of A Kind will be working around the clock to nurse them back to health, ensuring that each kitty receives the proper care and attention. This is beyond our normal rescue operations that keep us near our capacity each and every day.

Please consider helping us heal the winter kitties by donating to their GoFundMe account. Any donations to One of a Kind Pet Rescue are used to offset their medical expenses and care.

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