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Spay and Neuter Funds

Each year millions of homeless animals are euthanized. Pet overpopulation is a national epidemic and the only humane and systemic solution is an aggressive spay and neuter program.

Partnering with Humane Alliance, a nationally recognized organization, One of A Kind Pet Spay & Neuter Clinic has adhered to the Humane Alliance professional model in the development of a highly-effective spay and neuter program. In communities following the Humane Alliance model, the euthanasia rate at local shelters is reported to decrease by as much as 70% in a just a few years.

Be our partner in spay and neutering animals in our region.  It is good for the animals and it’s good for the community.

Members of the community who care deeply about this mission can contribute monetarily to the following funds:

  • Care Fund
    Providing low income families with spay or neuter surgeries at no cost.
  • Feral Cat Fund
    Covering the cost of spay or neuter surgeries for feral cats only.
  • Pit Bull Fund
    Offering free spay or neuter surgeries for Pit Bull breed dogs.
  • Clancy’s Critical Care Fund
    Funding emergency medical treatment & surgeries for dogs, cats, puppies & kittens.

Thank you for being part of the solution!