SPAY & NEUTER CLINIC (330) 865-6890 // RESCUE & ADOPTION (330) 865-6200

Need help with funding your pet’s spay / neuter surgery? When One of A Kind Pet Rescue funds are depleted, we frequently refer clients to the following organization for assistance: Alterpet – This organization offers a “subsidized” spay/neuter coupon intended for owners on a fixed income who have taken in stray or discarded pets. This coupon is not available to pet owners that have acquired their pet from a commercial pet store or breeder, nor will this coupon be granted for retired breeding livestock. For more information call 330.321.6243. Once your coupon is received, you will have up to 90 days to get your dog altered and 1 year for your cat. There is no limit to the number of coupons that can be requested.

Visit the Pit Bull Rescue Center – We love these people!!! This is the Pit Bull Rescue Center and they help to fund spay / neuter of Pit Bull and Pit Bull mix-breed dogs. Go to their website @ and follow the instructions to obtain funding. Finally … an organization that believes in these deserving dogs!!!

Did you know? If you purchase your license plates thru the Ohio Pet Fund your purchase supports Animal Rescue in Ohio? Go to

One of a Kind Pet Rescue isn’t a foodbank but we can sometimes help … just ask. If we can help we will.