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Free-Roaming Cat Policy

  • Friendly stray cats (can be handled by you and others) are welcome to come in a secure carrier.  All cats arriving in carriers must schedule an appointment by calling (330)865-6890.
  • All semi-friendly stray and feral (wild) cats MUST come in a humane trap.  The humane trap must not measure larger than 15″x15″x42″. Semi-friendly refers to a cat that can be petted but not handled, or can be handled by you but not others.
  • For the safety of the cats and the medical staff, we CANNOT accept semi-friendly stray or feral cats in carriers.  Please feel free to ask our staff if you need help obtaining or learning how to properly use a humane trap.
  • Semi-friendly stray and feral cats arriving in humane traps do not need an appointment.  They can be brought to the clinic any time between 9AM-3PM Monday-Thursday.
  • We CANNOT accept semi-friendly stray or feral cats on Fridays.
  • The cats will be spayed or neutered the following day, and can be picked up after 2pm.
  • In order to qualify for the free-roaming price, the cat must receive an ear tip on their left ear.  This ear tip is used to identify free-roaming cats that have been altered.