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Peeing Outside the Box

Cats can be very independent, resilient and self-sufficient, but house cats can be very sensitive sometimes. At One of A Kind Pet Rescue, we often receive complaints from cat owners who are experiencing problems with their kitty urinating outside of the litter box. House soiling is the most common complaint of cat owners. Before anyone resorts to surrendering their pet, we strongly encourage exhausting all efforts in finding the cause and treating the problem. Urinating outside of the box is almost always a symptom of something that is either unbalanced in their health or their environment.

The first conversation should take place with the veterinarian. Just like humans, cats can develop illnesses with their urinary tract, bladder and kidneys. The veterinarian may order tests to rule out or diagnose conditions such as urinary crystals, kidney disease, diabetes and various infections of the urinary tract. The physical health of the cat should always be considered when bazaar urinating habits develop. A declawed cat will sometimes refuse to use the litter box, as the feel of the litter may be painful to their feet. Declawing can cause emotional trauma as well that will cause stress-related urinating.

After the cat is cleared health-wise, ask yourself if anything has changed within the house. Stress, frustration and anxiety can also cause a cat to tinkle on the tile. Some cats will not adjust to change within the home very well and demonstrate their stress through urination. Sometimes, the change is obvious, such as moving into a new home, or the addition of a new baby or pet. Other times, the change may not be so obvious. Did you know that catnip can cause cats to urinate outside of the box? Catnip is a wonderful treat for most cats, but others may not respond so positively to the introduction of nepetalactone (catnip). When attempting to figure out the problem, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has there been a change in their diet?
  • Has there been a change in their favorite bedding or cat towers?
  • Have you switched the kitty litter to a different brand?
  • Are you cleaning the litter box daily?
  • Do you have one litter box per cat?
  • Does your kitty have a safe, quiet retreat in the home?
  • Has their food been changed recently to a different brand?

In most cases, house soiling can be treated, and your home can return to a peaceful place of refuge for both you and your cats.

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