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A Serious Reason to Spay

There are many reasons why a pet owner should consider spaying their female dogs, one of the more serious being a condition known as Pyometra, which can be very painful and sometimes deadly if not caught and treated in time.

Pyometra is a dangerous uterine infection that occurs in adult, intact, female dogs. There are many symptoms that appear which allow for a quick diagnosis of the problem. Closed Pyometra, however, is completely internal and has no visible signs. This case can be much more serious because the infection worsens without any warning and the dog may become septic.

This past week, our clinic treated two cases of Pyometra that could have been avoided with spaying. The female dogs we rescue will sometimes already have this condition when brought in, which requires analysis and care from the veterinarians at our clinic. In most cases, the dogs go on to live full, happy, and healthy lives after surgical treatment.

Though this surgery can be incredibly time consuming and costly, we never pass this on to our adopters. Through the support of our generous donors, we are able to perform these life-saving procedures.

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