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Big Bear Needs A Home

What does it really mean to spend 22 months in a rescue? Bear is our longest resident at One of A Kind Pet Rescue. It’s never our intention to have “residents,” but occasionally it happens. Unfortunately, Bear has not been able to move on to his permanent home. 

What does 22 months in a rescue look like? 

Bear has been in the same kennel for most of his stay. His room is warm but it’s concrete, and his bed is a cot. He doesn’t get to sneak up on the couch or into bed when no one’s looking. He doesn’t have “his person” who’ll be devoted to him, snuggle with him, play with him, and spoil him for the rest of his days. Bear currently has a revolving list of staff members and volunteers who try to give him what he needs, but it’s not a home.  

Some may ask why Bear has been with us for so long. We don’t have an absolute answer to that question. Most of us would like to believe  it’s because “his person” has not been found. 

What does Bear need in his forever home?

Bear should be the only pet in his forever home. He doesn’t prefer to share his time and attention with young children either. He wants to be the center of attention. Can we blame him? In a rescue or shelter environment, certain dogs can develop a protective nature of their space and limited belongings. They’re holding on to the few things they have and simply don’t want to share. 

Our perfect home for Bear would be a strong, single person who can handle Bear’s energy when he sees a squirrel! At 95 pounds, Bear is a strong boy! His person should be active and willing to  take him for daily walks. A fenced yard would be ideal for Bear, as he seldom gets to experience the feel of running free and chasing balls. But above all, Bear needs and deserves love. 

If you feel you may be Bear’s person, please reach out to us by calling 330-865-6200 or 330-865-6890. Message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Email us at Bear is currently located at our Spay & Neuter Clinic Kennel 1700 W. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44313. If you think you may be interested in meeting Bear, please visit him in person.

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