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Does Color Matter?

We often get questioned if the color of a cat correlates with their personality. In one litter of cats it’s possible to have five kittens of different color variations. Certainly, those kittens will have similar personality traits as siblings, but does their color have an influence on their personality?  

The University of California, Berkeley conducted a study on this topic and found a few things to be true regarding color variations:

  • Bi-colored and orange cats were found to be friendly.
  • Tri-colored, white and black cats were found to be more antisocial. 
  • White cats were the most lazy, shy and calm.
  • Tortoiseshells were intolerant. 
  • Black cats were indifferent and have less extreme personalities, which could be why they’re considered mysterious.

The Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science conducted a study  which determined that dark cats, such as solid black and brown, were least likely to be adopted and more likely to be euthanized. This statistic is not shocking to us in rescue work because black cats have a stigma linking them to black magic. The study also revealed most people believe tortoiseshell cats have more attitude than other colors, though there is no genetic evidence to support this. 

While the color of a cat may or may not affect their personality, the breed of a cat does. For example, Ragamufffins, Persians and Ragdolls have mild personalities. Russian Blues are known for being sweet, loving and affectionate. The Siamese cat is very smart and playful and requires stimulation/activity to prevent negative behaviors. They will be very friendly, but typically bond with one person. Also, Siamese cats are typically vocal, so if you don’t care to hear the kitty chatter all day, this may not be the breed for you!

At One of A Kind Pet Rescue, we know one thing to be true about our rescue kitties: they are all very unique. Even though color might influence a cat’s personality, it shouldn’t be the only factor when considering adoption. It’s best to visit extensively with the cat and learn his or her personality traits and affection level. It’s this kind of research that leads to choosing the best lifelong family member for your home.

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