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Dog Walking 101

With warmer weather on the way, we begin to see a significant increase in outdoor walking. Most of us, including our dogs, suffer from cabin fever this time of year and the pandemic has left everyone⁠ feeling even more confined. Before you grab the leash and head outside, here are some helpful tips to follow while walking your furry friend in public.

Always use a leash when walking your dog.
Off-leash walking should be done by professional dog handlers/trainers only. Even if your dog is the kindest soul ever, there is no control or ability to remove the dog from a bad situation should he or she get attached by an unfriendly stray. Additionally, dogs can become spooked by unfamiliar objects such as kites, drones, horses, emergency vehicles, etc. Should your dog flee out of fear, it could run into the street, or become lost forever.

Pick up the dog dirt!
Prior to beginning your walk, make sure you have bags in hand, prepared to pick up whatever may drop from the anterior end of your dog. We cannot stress enough how rude and inconsiderate it is to leave it lay. If you happen to forget your bag (as I have done in the past) you can always make a mental note of where the evacuation occurred and go back to retrieve it. This is part of being a responsible dog-owner. Instill this responsibility in your children as well if they are walking the family dog. Should you come across messes left behind of others, do not allow your dog to approach or sniff it. Other dogs may be carrying parasites such as worms, coccidia, giardia, and several other diseases and viruses.

Use proper greetings in public.
Never approach an unfamiliar dog and attempt to touch or talk to it. Dogs have fears, phobias, and reactions to strangers just as many other people and pets do. Always ask the owner if it is ok to pet and/or speak to their dog. Never kneel down into the face of an unfamiliar dog or attempt to hold the head in both hands. Many dogs interpret these actions as challenges and may react unkindly. Teach your children this lesson at a young age as well. Kids get excited to see dogs in public but should know that it is unsafe and inconsiderate to approach without permission.

Hopefully, these tips will help everyone coexist on the sidewalks and walking paths together, enjoying the beautiful weather while also enjoying one another. If you happen to have a dog who reacts unkindly to others, pulls on the leash, or demonstrates difficult leash manners, please consult with a reputable trainer who can easily correct these habits. Walking should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for everyone!

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