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From Winter Kitties to Winter Huskies

Most of you are aware of the “Winter Kitties” that entered our facility last week due to a terrible hoarding situation in West Virginia. The very next day, our team was knee-deep in snow saving Huskies who were also in desperate need of help. Rescuing never stops!

The estranged brother of a woman had recently passed away, which left her with a surprise inheritance of his 20 adult Huskies that were found tied outside of huts. Since the dogs were tethered close enough to mate freely, 40 puppies were also found running around. Luckily, the sister is an animal lover and she immediately separated the puppies old enough to ween, then found good homes for them. She also changed the dog’s food to ensure a more nutritious diet. However, she quickly realized she would not be able the keep all of the dogs. Our team was contacted and we agreed to take the dogs and started the process of finding them loving homes.


Picking up the dogs turned into a two-day trip since we are down to only one van. The team departed the rescue at 10:30 am, drove 75 minutes, and arrived to a Husky farm that was covered in snow drifts with temperatures hovering around 25-degrees. Luckily, Huskies are born for this weather, and they were anxious to see us… with treats! Some were friendly and easily leashed, while others were not social and required time before we could earn their trust. One female was not ready to make nice with anyone! After two hours in the cold, all the dogs that we were able to transport were loaded into the van for the 75 minutes drive back to the rescue. These steps were repeated a second time two days later.

Each dog has been weighed, vaccinated, flea/tick treated, and heartworm tested. Fortunately, only one dog tested positive for heartworms. They will all require spay or neuter surgery and some need dentals while others need grooming. Our staff is assessing the dogs to see if they can cohabitate with cats, children, and other dogs, all while also filtering through hundreds of fostering/adopting inquiries. We are still in need of additional funds to cover their entire vetting. As you can imagine, this is a very costly process for us. Please consider donating to help us help the Huskies.

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