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National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week always begins on April 17th and runs for seven days. One of A Kind Pet Rescue was founded fifteen years ago due to a lost pet. This is clearly a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts, and why we require all our adopters to purchase an ID tag. We also microchip every single pet we take in for this reason. Nobody wants to lose an adored furry family member, and we can help you with some tips to prevent the tragedy.

The first form of ID that most individuals look for when a lost pet is found is the ID tag. These tags are easily accessible on the collar and usually provide the name of the pet. Though this may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it provides a sense of comfort to a lost pet when someone refers to him by name. If ID tags are clear and accessible, the finder can easily contact the owner of the lost pet and a reunion can take place within minutes or hours. 

ID tags are not foolproof, however, and although we encourage them, collars can break or be removed. The tags can also fall off. The engraving on the ID tag can also wear off over time, becoming illegible. For these reasons, it is imperative to microchip your pets. We cannot stress this enough, as it is the only absolute way to know that your pet will always have identification on them. It will require Good Samaritans to take the pet to a vet, rescue, or shelter capable of scanning for the microchip, which can be a little more time consuming than viewing a tag, but it is virtually foolproof. It is much easier for everyone involved if the microchip is registered properly and the information is updated with any changes that may have occurred over time. Think about updating your pets’ profiles regularly as if they were social media profiles. This ensures that their photos are current, which is important as they age. It also allows you to include new behaviors, tricks that they may have learned and any preferences they have. 

We are all hoping that spring will bring a happier and healthier 2020, that will allow us to return to some sense of normalcy. Though the way we congregate together may be altered for quite some time, we expect businesses to begin opening over the course of the next month. Please continue to check our website for updates to our operating procedures. Our Adoption Center is excitedly awaiting the day that we can provide ID tags to you and your furry family members again. Our clinic is also eagerly anticipating the day that we can provide microchips for your pets to ensure their safe returns. Until that time, we thank you for following and supporting our mission, and wish all of you a very safe and healthy spring!

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