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Our Pets Love the Holidays Too

The holiday season brings a bit more joy to most of us as we decorate and listen to holiday music. There are reminders everywhere that the spirit of giving is in the air, but do our pets feel this? Are they even aware of the difference this time of year makes? We think so.  

Though most cats could care less about precipitation, certain dog breeds meet snow with an excitement and glee that can only be matched by a sledding four-year-old! Many large dog breeds possess a thick undercoat that keeps them warm and somewhat dry while outdoors for short periods of time. Rolling in the snow brings absolute joy to numerous playful canines. We would like to think that our kitties enjoy the change of scenery from the comfort of their window sills, but they may just be smirking at the ridiculousness of the dogs. You’re more than welcome to join our volunteers at doggie playgroups at One of A Kind Pet Rescue to see our rescued pets prance around in the snow!

Our pets squeal with glee when they receive fun gifts during the holidays just as kids do. Who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas sweater? Pet owners everywhere include their pets in the gift-giving season, adorning them with hats, sweaters, new collars and comfy beds. Let’s not forget the treats! Boutique stores specializing in pet treats are popping up everywhere to the delight of our furry loved ones. Even if you’re not one to purchase gifts specifically for your pets, they’ll still enjoy the boxes! If you’re searching for some unique gift ideas or treats, please visit the retail department of the adoption center. All proceeds go right back into our mission and rescue efforts.

The holidays also bring family and guests near, which means additional attention for the family pets. If you have a pet that’s not fond of house guests, this may not be an enjoyable time for them. Be sure to make arrangements to protect their mental health. Most pets, however, will enjoy the extra pets and occasional snack handed off by grandpa!  

During this holiday season, please remember our rescued pets at One of A Kind. Though we do our best to spoil them, they aren’t feeling the spoils of a family. They won’t be experiencing snacks from grandpa, or the love of additional family gatherings and gifts under the tree. We have small trees up at our adoption center and our Spay & Neuter Clinic if you wish to leave a gift.

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