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Pets Provide Relief in Times of Stress

We can all agree that these are trying times. For the safety of everyone, and through the direction of our Governor, One of A Kind Pet Rescue is temporarily closed to the public. Residents of Ohio, along with sixteen other states, have been ordered to stay home. Our entire nation has been urged to practice social distancing, and as a result, all the toilet paper has disappeared off the shelves. There is one demographic, however, that is rejoicing in the fact that we have all been ordered to stay home…our pets. Whether you are working from home, or of the essential employees on the front lines, our pets are providing so much more than we realize during these difficult times.

Having a pet is having a friend. For years, the Center for Disease Control has been stating the mental and physical health benefits associated with pet ownership. Pets have been proven to increase exercise, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The companionship of a pet aids in feelings of loneliness and depression. What is the actual science behind it, and how does it all come together?

Because pets require walking, bathing, play time, and attention, it naturally increases the physical activity in their owners. This physical activity is what lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Depending on the duration of the activity, it could seriously aid in weight loss and improve physical fitness. A fit body is a healthy body in all species!

During these difficult times, however, the mental and emotional benefits of owning a pet become very apparent. Humans are social creatures and crave companionship. Who will keep us company when we have been ordered to stay home? Who will provide social stimulation and companionship when we cannot eat out and socialize with our friends and colleagues in the workplace? Who will aid in our depression after working long hours tending to the very ill? Who will continue to snuggle up next to us when the news becomes bleak and spikes our anxiety? The answers to all of these questions is: our pets. Not surprisingly, thousands of homes across the U.S. have welcomed foster pets during this crisis. Not only to help the rescues and shelters who are trying to keep their staff safe, but to bring happiness, companionship, and comic relief to their homes.

The advantages that pets bring to our lives is endless. Until we are all able to reconvene, please stay home, take care of one another, love your pet, and/or foster for us. If you would like to foster a kitty, please email If you would like to foster a dog or puppy, please email

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