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Staying True to Our Mission

In all that we do, we remain focused on both our mission and our vision, each established almost sixteen years ago during our inception. This keeps our team extremely busy 24/7.

Our Mission
The official mission statement of One of A Kind Pet Rescue is, “To save the lives of animals in imminent danger of euthanasia and enrich the lives of people through rescue, spaying/neutering, adoption, and advocacy on behalf of homeless pets.”

Our rescue coordinators remain focused on saving the pets who are most in danger, regardless of their location. Regrettably, this usually prevents us from taking owner surrenders in our area, as we are often at capacity. We also provide emergency medical attention to the animals that we save. Our organization is unique in that we have our own clinic and medical staff. Very few rescues can provide this level of care and medical attention. Because of this, we can focus our full resources on achieving our mission.

Our Vision
Our vision for the future is to create a “no kill” community where all pets have loving homes.

The term euthanasia should only be used when an animal is in the final stages of life, and nothing can be done to save or improve the pet’s condition. Euthanization is a humane act to prevent unnecessary suffering in the animal’s last days. Ending an animal’s life for any other reason is considered killing and is unacceptable.

We strive to achieve a no-kill society not only through our rescue efforts, but also through our spay/neuter clinic and education. All treatable medical conditions are addressed while pets are in our care. This requires animals to stay with us for weeks or months at a time to ensure they are recovering and healing properly. Once we are certain that each pet is on the road to recovery, we can place them in loving homes that will continue with their care in a quiet and comfortable environment, free from the noise and stress of the rescue.

Pets should never be killed when they have treatable medical conditions or due to a lack of space in homeless shelters. Sadly, some feel it is appropriate to have pets put to sleep due to various circumstances, such as relocation, trainable behavioral issues, or the death of a family member. Our mission and vision is to help change this behavior.

We thank everyone for their continued support in helping us spread our message and the mission of One of A Kind Pet Rescue.

Two Convenient Locations

Adoption Center

1929 West Market Street
Akron, OH 44313
(330) 865-6200
(behind Walgreen's and AutoZone)


Spay & Neuter Clinic

1700 West Exchange Street
Akron, OH 44313
(330) 865-6890

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