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Traveling with your Pet

Summer traveling season is upon us! Though we are very excited to travel and vacation, especially after being home for so long over the winter season and Covid quarantine, our pets may not possess the same sentiment. If you have not previously traveled with your pet, take short trips to ensure they will be able to tolerate the change in activity and environment. To keep everyone safe and happy as possible, we have provided a few tips and tricks to consider while traveling.

1. Always secure your pet in a vehicle. Cats should remain in a carrier with ample water and litter. Traveling is often stressful for kitties and their bathroom habits may change while traveling. Dogs should either be contained in a crate or safely secured in the back seat or area of a vehicle. Cats and dogs should not travel in the front of a vehicle and should never have the freedom to interfere with the driver.

2. Make frequent bathroom stops, with the pet remaining leashed at all times.

3. Stop traveling to allow pets to eat safely and peacefully. This will diminish the risk of stressful eating and possible choking. Take this opportunity to give any medications that are necessary.

4. If you are traveling across state lines, carry the pets’ vaccination records with you.

5. Make sure your pet is microchipped and is wearing ID tags with your current contact information. Because pets can become stressed, they often run for cover if given the opportunity when a door opens. Carry a recent, color photograph of your pet to share in case this happens.

6. Public transit has very specific rules to follow. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the rules and requirements prior to using public transportation such as planes, trains, buses, taxis and boats. They may all be very unique and different from one another.

7. To ensure that the trip is as enjoyable for your pet as possible, try to pack not just the necessities such as food, medication, and supplies, but comfort items as well. Your pet will feel most comfortable with his or her bed, food bowls, treats and toys.

8. Please consider that travel may not be a positive experience for pets who are elderly, arthritic, or intolerant of travel due to motion sickness or temperament. Rather than force an unpleasant or unstable experience, a reliable pet sitter may be a better option for these cases. Most importantly, be mindful of your pets needs when considering travel.

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