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Who Rescues Who?

Almost daily, we are contacted by individuals saying, “We would like to rescue rather than purchase.” We are so appreciative of those individuals, as they truly understand the problem of pet homelessness and the great need to save so many companion animals. We do everything we can to accommodate their requests and match them with the most suitable pet. What is interesting, however, is the follow-up we receive later when families reveal how much their pets rescued them. 

In July of 2018, a young, single gentleman named John entered the Adoption Center thinking a dog would be a nice addition to the new home he had just purchased. He was looking for a companion, as he was new to the area and did not know many people. He spent about an hour with our adoption specialists, and chose a young, adult, female Terrier mix. They both left smiling. A year later, John sent a very heartfelt message to One of A Kind Pet Rescue, thanking us for providing the rescue who ultimately rescued him. John had been spending long hours at the bar after work each night, developing a bad habit. Adopting his new friend forced him to go straight home immediately after work. In doing so, he also met his new fiancé at the park while walking his dog. His rescue effectively rescued him.

Flash forward to a family with pre-teen children entering the Adoption Center to inquire about a dog they had seen on Facebook—a one-year-old Lab mix named Charlie. They had lost their family dog five years prior and felt it was time for another. They immediately fell in love with Charlie and headed home. Six months later, the mother sent a donation with a note explaining their experience. Her children had developed the habit of sitting in their bedrooms on technology, drifting further away from their family unit. They all agreed when adopting Charlie that they would share the responsibility of walking him together. This generated quality family time and opened meaningful conversations that would not have taken place if it were not for adopting Charlie.

Beyond all of the wonderful adoption stories, there are also the individuals who have committed their lives to rescue work. It is seemingly endless, tiresome, exhausting, emotionally draining and sometimes heartbreaking. But it is also rewarding, heartwarming and satisfying work—providing an outlet for those of us who are called to nurture. In a perfect world, all pets would have a safe, loving home and there would be no need for shelters and rescues. Until that time, we will all continue to do what we do through the sweat, tears, happiness and joy of rescue work. We will continue to save them while they are saving us.

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