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Dogs = Responsibility

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. At One of A Kind Pet Rescue, we’ve seen it all; from the most responsible adopters and owners, to the least responsible abusers. Adopting a dog into your family comes with great responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Do not bring a dog home on impulse. Puppies are cute, cuddly, sweet and incredibly adorable, but they are also a tremendous amount of work and responsibility. The American Kennel Club has provided a list of considerations prior to bringing a new k-9 companion home. We encourage everyone to follow these guidelines when thinking about adding a new furry family member. 

RESEARCH: Do as much research as possible on the breed, size, age and temperament that will suit your lifestyle and family. Not all breeds are alike. Examine your schedule and expectations of a dog prior to making your selection. It is not fair to expect a Husky to be your couch potato, nor to expect a Yorkie to be your running buddy! Dogs require time, attention, training, medical care and socialization.

CONTAINMENT: Dogs should not be  chained or left outside.They are much like children in that they need a voice of reason. Dogs need to be taught their boundaries in the home. This may include crating initially—not only for the safety of your dog, but also for the preservation of your belongings! Dogs should be contained in a fenced area or on a leash while outside. They shouldn’t be left unattended and trusted to stay within an area. Allow the dog to have a space that belongs to them. Whether it is a crate, a room or a corner, dogs need a space to call their own. Proper bedding, toys and treats may be used to train the dog into understanding their space.

MEDICAL: Select a veterinarian that you are comfortable with and visit on a regular schedule. Visits should include annual well checks to ensure the dog is not only healthy, but comfortable in the veterinarian’s office. Dogs can develop anxiety associated with the environment if they are only taken to the vet in times of emergency. Medical care should include preventative maintenance, such as flea/tick treatment and heartworm prevention as well as grooming, bathing and nail clipping. A healthy, consistent diet should always be present.

OTHER CONCERNS: Be patient. Dogs aren’t born knowing what our expectations are, and these things take time to understand. Introduce other pets very slowly with supervision. Never allow young children to pull, crawl, jump or treat a dog disrespectfully in any way. Even the most patient of dogs will react to pain and discomfort.


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