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Unchain the Dog

Although laws may vary from one community to another, it’s considered illegal to keep a dog tethered outside 24/7. To bring awareness to this problem, January has been named “Unchain a Dog Month.”  

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, so why do individuals continue to keep their best friends tied outside without proper shelter and human interaction? Domesticated dogs just want to be loved. They long for companionship, similar to humans. Chaining a dog outside poses both physical and psychological health risks to the animal. A dog is vulnerable to attacks from other animals such as coyotes, other dogs, and bears (depending on your location) when they’re tethered to a chain. They have no defense. The dog is also vulnerable to sickness, as extreme weather conditions can cause heat stroke and/or hypothermia. Even with a doghouse, a dog’s life can be at risk in extreme temperatures. Tremendously damp, dry and pollinated conditions can also be unhealthy for a dog’s respiratory system. Entanglement, strangulation and parasites are also serious threats to chained dogs. We rescue dogs too often with a collar embedded in their neck from  living in these neglectful conditions. Unfortunately, some don’t realize these threats.  

Dogs are also severely affected psychologically when left alone without proper socialization. When a dog is isolated, it can become mentally unstable –not knowing who to trust or how to behave properly. It will naturally become defensive of the small area it occupies and may not welcome intruders of any kind. This can be dangerous and even fatal to a wayward neighborhood, kitty or child. The anxiety created by this environment can lead to physical health issues and even early death for the dog.  

If you happen to know someone who  keeps a dog chained outside, offer to walk the dog, offer them treats, toys and play time. Do not approach the dog or the owner if they aren’t familiar with you. If you see something inhumane, say something. Contact the authorities and exercise due diligence in advocating for a helpless pet.

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