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What is Sarcoptic Mange?

We rescued 53 dogs suffering from Sarcoptic Mange in Southern Ohio this past month. We call these dogs our “Diamonds in the Ruff.” We’ve been treating them for weeks now and witnessing incredible results! The term “Sarcoptic Mange” has been used far more than we care to admit in our rescue. Trust us when we say that the non-medical staff members of our organization received a thorough explanation of what this affliction is, and how to properly care for our gemstones, while keeping themselves healthy. 

Sarcoptic Mange is a skin condition that’s caused by the Sarcoptes Scabiei mite. This mite bites and burrows into the skin causing severe constant itching. When the mites burrow under the skin, they form a network of tunnels. Female mites then lay eggs in these tunnels that hatch in just three days. This makes treatment very tricky. Those eggs are constantly hatching, even as the initial treatments kill the living mites. These tiny mites (similar to spiders) are also invisible to the naked eye. Initially, the mites prefer hairless skin, which is why the ear flaps and bellies tend to be severely affected. Nevertheless, they will tunnel throughout the dog’s entire body once it’s infected.  

The incessant itching causes most of the hair to fall out as well as open sores on the animals. Though our focus has been on the 53 dogs that we rescued, coyotes, foxes, cats, humans and other mammals can become infected as well. It’s sometimes referred to as scabies and is considered to be one of the most uncomfortable skin conditions a dog can contract. When the dogs arrived, our doctors and techs were prepared with topical and oral treatments as well as vaccines and medical injections to provide immediate relief of the itching. The condition was consistently treated with medical baths, oral medications and sulfur dipping throughout the month, with the help of wonderful volunteers. 

The “Diamonds in the Ruff” are now ready for the next stage of their treatment…to be adopted and cherished by loving families. Though the new families will not be required to administer any further medical treatment for the mange, each adopter will receive a complimentary dog shampoo to use on their shiny, new gemstone.

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