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Rescuing a pet is an act that will pay back many different times in many different ways. Experiencing the unconditional love that pets share with their owners is just one of the many amazing benefits of pet ownership. But if your lifestyle does not permit you to add more furry family members to your household right now, you have other options to help rescue animals find a forever home.

  • Encourage your friends to adopt. There are millions of animals waiting in shelters to find their match, and they won’t go home unless potential adopters come in to give them a chance. Urge your friends to be open minded too, shelter animals are often recovering from starvation, illness, or mistreatment, so they may not look as pretty right now as they could with loving care.
  • Sponsor a dog! By paying for part or all of an adoption fee, you are helping that animal get one step closer to finding a forever home.
  • Change your own pet’s life by giving them a new activity. Build a fancy new cat tree, or visit new hiking trails, and show your pet that you care.
  • Foster a pet for a rescue. Every animal fostered allows rescues to save more lives, and the caring, home environment can help animals that are scared or recuperating from illnesses.

When one pet is adopted, a second life is saved because now there is room for another one to be rescued. Do your part on Change a Pet’s Life Day!